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Maximize Your Full Potential.

The Riot's a lifestyle.


Wrestling is important for an athlete. It requires responsibility, mental growth, and physical conditioning. Wrestling helps children gain a sense of confidence, overcome insecurities, and establish good leadership skills. A child can become a better athlete in other sports with the skills and discipline they learn through wrestling.  


During the pandemic, almost all facilities closed. Kids were left without school and sports. Being a family heavily involved in sports and our community, we knew we had to do something. We couldn’t sit back and watch the world crush these children. Spending countless hours thinking outside the box, we found a way to keep kids in shape with a place to go to build confidence and continue to work on their passion. We began our journey in our garage to help as many children as we could from all over Illinois. With the proper protocols and keeping safety in mind, we held 3 practices a week. We gave kids, ranging from 5–13 years old, a sense of normalcy to help relieve the stress of what was going on around them. We scoured tournaments all over the country to let these kids keep doing what they loved. 


As time went on, our business grew. Many families inquired if we were going to offer this program after businesses began to reopen. The outpour of support from our community was enough for us to take our gym to the next level. We wanted to continue our success of helping kids reach their goals. We want to be the gym where children come to learn and continue their journey of becoming strong athletes that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

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